Thanksgiving Leftovers

We love Thanksgiving!  This year we celebrated with 34 friends and family for dinner.  As normal we had a few left overs, but we were shy on leftover turkey.  Looking at the delicious stuffing and hungry for breakfast I created two savory breakfast options.  

The first was a savory apple crisp created with our warmed homemade applesauces which I top with a stuffing crumbled.  The crumble is simply left over stuffing which I toasted and broke into small crumble in a frying pan.  I like this better than apple pie!

savory apple crisp.jpg

The second, and my husband's new favorite, is a stuffing egg-in-a-hole.  My stuffing is very moist and easy to compress into a hamburger ring. The denser you can compress the better as it softens during cooking.  I used a smaller biscuit round to punch a hole in the middle.  I placed the ring and the hole in the frying pan with some butter.  I use the hole to judge the cooking as you don't want to touch the more fragile ring until necessary.  I flipped the stuffing ring when one side was browned and then added the egg into the center.  When the egg whites have started to cook through I flip back to the first side to cook the other side of the egg.  We drizzled with just a touch of maple syrup, but it was great without this as well.  When you cut in and the yolk mixes with the stuffing it is really amazing. 

stuffing egg in a hole.jpg

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoy these leftover ideas. I may need to make stuffing more often!