GLOW Santa Monica

On Sept 28 we went to see the exhibits at GLOW 2013 at Santa Monica Beach.  The event is a one night event for participatory art.  My favorite piece was by Janet Echelman called 'the space between us'.  For full disclosure, David regularly consults with Kinetic Lighting who designed the lighting for this interactive experience.  And while the lighting did enhance the feature by creating an ever changing environment, I  was taken with the scale of the installation and the energy created by the viewers.  In order to engage with the piece, you climbed a two story soft sand burm to enter a lower ring.  In the center was another two story sand hill which allowed you to climb and stand up into the hanging nets.  A combination of climbing in the cool, soft sand and the ever changing angles to the net installation as you adjusted your viewpoint made it a piece that you could really sped a very long time enjoying.  It was a very serene space but still joyous.  I hope you enjoy the pictures...the geometry created by the net forms is beautiful.